Best Free Educational Games For Kids: How They Help (And How They Don’t)

What are the best free educational games for kids and do they really help? Many parents want to believe that their children are learning as much as they can while they are at school, but the past few years have proven that many children aren’t learning as much as they should. In fact, it seems like many schools are leaving children behind as they cater towards the middle. As such, parents are now trying to supplement their children’s education in any way that they can. 

How do they do this? Some people will go to tutoring centers or sign their children up for extra classes. While these may have benefits, they are not enough. One solution is to use online educational games for kids. Now, there are free kids educational games, but they don’t go far enough in many cases. They will try to teach your children the same things they are already learning in school. What you really need to do is supplement that education. How can you do this?

MindFinity is the first online educational program from world-renowned talent development expert Opher Brayer. Your MindFinity membership gives you lifetime access to Opher’s 7-day Toronto workshop where he details how innovation will be a necessary skill in tomorrow’s job market, all while showing Parents how to nurture your child’s talents and develop Inventive IQ through playing simple games. Sign up for MindFinity to see how playing one game a day can prepare your child’s mind for the future. 

How Our Kids Educational Games Work

There is no denying that the value of education has changed and that the minds of the future are not being shaped by the current educational system. The minds of the future don’t simply remember facts, they know how to think abstractly, learn systematically, and create connections. 

Our kids’ educational games work because they are interesting. They capture your child’s attention and hold it – even though they don’t need to hold it for long. The problem with schooling is that teachers are overwhelmed by the sheer number of children they have to teach. With our games, your child gets 1:1 attention. They aren’t competing with anyone. 

Why Our Online Learning Games For Kids Are Different

Learning isn’t rote memorization and it doesn’t occur on a set timeline. Some children will learn skills a long time before their peers and others will need more support. What isn’t fair is that sometimes more gifted children are held back by those who need more support. If you believe this is the case for your child, you need to take the responsibility into your own hands.

Remember that there are different types of intelligence and free educational games for kids may not reach all of them. Instead of trying out many different games to find the ones that work for your children, it may be in your best interest to find online learning games for children that teach your children how to think, not what to think. 

There are games to help children learn to write, games to help children learn to add, and even games to help children learn a different language. But free educational games will rarely teach your children how to learn, how to think, and how to take advantage of their brain power. Instead, they will stick them into the same pattern of rote memorization and then quickly forgetting what they learned.

MindFinity has changed that. In just a few minutes every day, you have helped your children to learn how to think, which will nurture their primary intelligence and boost every other type of intelligence they have.

MindFinity’s games are designed to quickly build Inventive IQ by nurturing fluency across a variety of disciplines at once. We will have your family dancing, drawing, making music, cooking, doing karate, and much more, all while learning the foundations of polymath thinking. By simply playing games every day your child is taking micro-steps, crossing disciplines, and building “muscle” across the multiple types of human intelligence. Get started with our 7-day free trial and see what MindFinity is all about. 

Do Computer Games Help Children Learn?

Not all computer games are going to help children learn. At MindFinity, our games have been carefully created to assist children in developing pattern recognition, all while encouraging them to think for themselves. They will also learn the importance of:

  • Creative Thinking
  • Innovation
  • Routine-Building
  • Multi-disciplinary Intelligence

MindFinity: Building More Intelligent Kids In 3 Steps

When you sign your child up for MindFinity, you will play games with them that have been designed to increase their thinking capabilities and therefore their opportunities. They will only have to play games for about 5-minutes each day (so there aren’t any worries about increased screen time). You will see numerous benefits. 

We connect all of this back to a few distinct skills that our games build to help foster creativity.

Our system works in three steps:

  1. You learn to play simple games offline with your child.
  2. You play together for 5 minutes each day (that’s it!).
  3. Your child’s imagination grows as they discover ways to build their own games.

At the same time, playing MindFinity games will help you to bond with your child and encourage them to be creative, lifelong learners. This will help them shift and be adaptive for the future. 

Why MindFinity?

Encouraging your child to learn is hard, we get it. But it doesn’t have to be when you use kids learning games that are free from the same old same old. The world is changing and the way we teach our children needs to change as well. We need to prepare them for a world of robots and automation, where creativity and imagination are the currency, not a specific degree. 

At MindFinity, we have games that have been designed to encourage learning, foster growth, and build independent thinkers. Our games are never boring or repetitive. With just a few minutes every day, you can help them to learn and grow – and think. 

Interested in learning more about how MindFinity can help your child? Click below to watch our video!