9 Tips To Raise A Smart Kid

Want to raise a smart kid? We all do – no one really wants to have a kid that performs below average. In the past, raising a smart kid meant enrolling them in hard-to-get-into preschools and hiring private tutors, but being above average in school isn’t what will give them the edge anymore. 

Instead, there are some little things that you can do on a daily basis to raise kids that are precocious, inventive, and of course smart. Some of the small things you can do include:

Pay Attention When They Fall Behind

Children aren’t going to get every single thing they learn on the first day. They need a support system in place for when things get hard. 

If you think your child has fallen behind, it may benefit them to receive some extra help from you. MindFinity takes only a few minutes every day and can help you connect with your child and discover how they learn best, which can give them an edge in almost every subject.

Have Them Join A Sport

Children who participate in extracurricular activities have incentives to be “smarter” at least on paper. They are more likely to keep their GPAs higher once they get into middle school and high school because they want to be eligible to play those sports.

Set Expectations That Are High

As soon as your child starts going to school, you want to let them know that your expectations are high. They need to do their work to the best of their ability and everything should be checked. This doesn’t mean that mistakes cannot be made, but expect the best.

Teach Social Skills

Book smarts only go so far, they can’t replace social skills. Teach your child how to take responsibility for their actions, share, work on a team, and resolve problems. This will help them to be well rounded in their intelligence.

Ensure They Don’t Get Tracked Too Low

Once your child hits a certain grade in school, they will be put into a “track.” You want to ensure that they aren’t comfortable in their track unless they are in the highest track the school offers. Public schools typically offer three or four different tracks for students of different abilities. 

If your child is placed in a track that is too easy for them, or even at their level, they may get lazy and won’t excel.

Read A Lot

One of the best things that you can do with your child is read to them for at least 15 minutes every day. It doesn’t have to be Russian literature or Shakespeare. The love of reading is created at a young age and they will learn so much from books. 

Model What You Want To See

Your child will look to you for how to be and act within the world. If you want them to be smart, you need to be smart yourself. This means you read books, learn new things, watch interesting movies, and continually make lifelong education a part of your daily routine. 

Start Teaching Them Early

While it is important to allow your kid to be a kid, you can start teaching them the basics of reading and math at an early age. You can buy toys that will teach them the basics of pattern recognition, letter recognition, counting, and colors, which will give them a boost when they start school.

Do Not Be A Helicopter Parent

We live in a world where you need to be extra protective of your children, but try to let them go out on their own as much as possible. You want your child to develop resourcefulness and independence as well as intelligence.

Use MindFinity To Help Them Get Ahead (And Stay Ahead)

Children who can spot patterns and quickly make connections, use analogy and can apply thinking algorithms, learn faster.  

Those who build these specialized skills will likely enjoy school more than their peers. This is because when you teach through play, you are taking away a ton of the pressure that they feel. By taking just a few minutes every day to play MindFinity games with your child, you can make school easier for your child, and learning, faster.

MindFinity will have you dancing, drawing, singing, and more with your children all while learning these skills and building Inventive IQ. You can watch them progress systematically, and understand how they work through things that they may not understand to better support them when they have trouble in school.

MindFinity is a great tool for younger children and their families to have fun learning together for just a few minutes every day. For more information, reach out to our team today to get started