How To Help Kids Do Better In School

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Is your child struggling in school? There are many reasons why children fall behind, and very few of them actually have to do with their intelligence levels. The main problem with the education system today is that it teaches to the lowest common denominator in the classroom. Teachers simply cannot teach to the strengths and levels of every student, which means that some students get left behind whereas others don’t get pushed enough. Children who seem bored may not be struggling, they aren’t getting pushed.

Get More Involved

As a parent, you need to get involved in your child’s education. You can’t just trust that the school system is going to take care of them and get them to learn what they need to learn. Some parents will create their own curriculums for their children that is separate from what they are learning in school.

You can also just talk to your child’s teacher and find out what is really going on in school. You have every right to ask for a syllabus and work on your own with your child so that their education is supplemented.

One way you can do this is by investing in MindFinity. MindFinity helps to increase Inventive IQ and spark a love for learning through play. 

Reward Kids For Good Work

Some parents think that high performance in school is expected and they should only “punish” their child if they don’t achieve those levels. That doesn’t always work for all kids. If your child gets a good grade on a project, performs well in a certain subject (especially one they’ve struggled with), or even put in some extra effort and don’t perform as well, reward them for their hard work. 

It doesn’t have to be something big – take them out to eat, spend some time with them, get them a new toy, or just praise them. They will want to keep doing good work to get those rewards – even if they aren’t physical.

Let Them Make Mistakes

Sometimes, your child will fail a test. They will have to stay inside at recess. They won’t make the team or get the lead in the play. You have to allow your child to fail and make mistakes. This is when they will do the learning they need. When they go into the real world, they will make mistakes and have to learn how to not only own up to them, but move on from them. 

We all have a natural inclination to protect our children from failure, but usually it is best to let them fail and then show them how to pick up the pieces.

Show Them That Learning Never Stops

As children get older, they think that learning is only a temporary thing. They don’t understand that they will continue to learn things until they are old and gray. Talk to your child about what you are learning – whether it is learning something new at work, learning a new language in your spare time, or picking up a hobby. Once a child (or a teenager) understands that learning is lifelong, they will want to become better at it. 

This also means that you need to show yourself struggling to learn things. Even if it is just failing to work a new phone app or taking care of a new plant.

MindFinity Helps Your Kids Do Better In School

If your child isn’t doing well in school, doesn’t like school, or just seems bored, you can help them. Sometimes it isn’t about just getting through school, sometimes you can help your child by teaching them new things or more than they are learning in school.

MindFinity can help you by introducing different activities each weekday that will have your child learning, and get your own creative gears moving. For a few minutes every day, you won’t have to plan out the lessons. Instead, they are delivered to your inbox and you can build from there.

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