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Meet Opher Brayer

Opher is a world-renowned Talent Development expert, Business Mentor, Coach, Teacher, Methodologist and Creator.

He got his start in teaching as a private music instructor, and went on to build the jazz department of Thelma Yelllin High School of Fine Arts in Israel. There, he developed a method to leverage the mathematical foundations of music to quickly raise an impressive number of world class professional musicians, including pianist, Yaron Herman.

Since 1984, Opher has been researching, constructing, and applying unique educational methodologies, which – contrary to the popularly held notion that talent is inborn – have demonstrated that people can systematically develop “genius” new talents.

Prior to launching this award-winning methodology, Opher trained multi-disciplinary thinkers and gifted children who later served in supreme units of the Israeli Defense Force, before going on to play a pivotal role in establishing the country’s start up business environment.


The Program Has Been in Schools since 2017

Opher has used his methodology to fix underperforming schools.

Facing an uphill battle with bureaucracy, he hacked school schedules, adding innovative, educational games to existing curricula.

His work with failing schools had such a significant and rapid impact that Opher was honored for his work with the 2018 Tribeca Disruptive Innovation Award in Education.

Today, hundreds of his certified teachers and trainers are working the methodology with tens of thousands of students across four continents. 

Programs are active in schools in Israel and the Czech Republic, and are now being introduced into Korea, the USA, Canada, China, Peru and Singapore.

How it works

In five minutes per day, our interactive games will have your family dancing, drawing, making music, cooking, doing karate and much more, all while learning the foundations of polymath thinking, which fall into four main categories:

  • Pattern Recognition – The ability to recognize emotional, intellectual, or physical patterns and how they are built and connected.
  • Pattern Design – The ability to detect different pattern elements and re-design them in a systematic order to generate innovative thinking and transform behavior.
  • Analogy – A technique to help people make the connection between one experience in their lives and another. This is the intuitive element of talent.
  • Real time composition – The fusion of recognized and designed patterns through their common denominator.

The games are designed to quickly build Inventive IQ by nurturing fluency in these four “foundations of polymath thinking”, taking micro steps, crossing disciplines, and leveraging the multiple types of human intelligence.

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