MindFinity Reviews

MindFinity Reviews

Here is a small collection of Mindfinity Reviews by our Raving fans

I've been doing Mindfinity with my children and it has taken the stress out of schooling! Because I can have fun with them while they learn! Our whole family is growing together and enjoying ourselves at the same time. I highly recommend games of Genius! ( This is coming from someone with a Master's Education and Montessori training)

Michelle Larsen

I see my son grasp the material


she loves to draw and the lesson on drawing eye movement spiked her interest in drawing even more and she started drawing things in 3-D

Jean Lee

My kids come home after school and can't wait to do their Mindfinity work

Jeremy Hoffmann

she loves to draw and the lesson on drawing eye movement spiked her interest in drawing even more and she started drawing things in 3-D

Jean Lee

Short, uncomplicated lesson plans. Opher understands how the mind works

Mackenzie Mudgett

I love finding patterns in everyday life and now I get to share that more with my kids

Katie Reitz-McQuillan

They are curious about the next lesson and we try to guess what it’s going to be. We haven’t making our own games yet but I’m looking forward to that.

I feel that I’m calmer now because I feel less anxious about their educations. I also appreciate Opher’s writings about thinking algorithms and other insights.

Jinwon Ng

the games are simple, my kid is learning slowly to design things. I feel hopeful. He likes the little and repetitive challenges. Not too hard not too easy.

Quynh Larimer

I like the premise and presentation of becoming Polythinkers in an age where the world is in fast forward. Opher is amazing.

I feel that I am a little less apprehensive about the future with regard to our children. If we can prepare them, one child at a time... we have prepared a generation. Plus, if the program helps my "old" brain too, it is a plus!!!

Carol Thompson

It's fun and creative, and we're learning a variety of things at the same time that we can apply all over our lives. My son finally understands drawing much better now, and he likes that he can do marital arts and even apply this to playing video games.

Liz Hastings

I like Opher Breyer’s presence & presentation, as well as the content - he's onto something that's crucial now, more than ever, as AI is more coming to the fore of everyday life and subsuming jobs historically filled by people.

Tera Freestone

I like the joy, hope and creative juices that flow during and after lessons. I am enjoying learning also !

Definitely. Am seeing more myself and am excited about the future and chance to help children become that way also.

Lucy Stackpole

My son already enjoys math and logic problems on his own. So now he begs to do this work first before reading even. And I enjoy playing as well.


We are enjoying it 🙂 and know it's helpful for life. We've done more drawing and art since we started. We look for patterns as we go on walks.

Jennifer Andregg

I love the thinking process. The simple games and the challenge to come up with my own.

Rachel Drumm

My grandchild just likes to draw and colour as he’s only three


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