Homeschool vs. Public School vs. Private School: What Is Best?

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As a parent, there are a few choices that you will have to make that have a lot of strings attached. One of those is whether to homeschool your child versus public school or even private school. Admittedly, there are benefits to all of these institutions, just like there are some issues with them. 

Homeschooling: Can You Do It?

Homeschooling is an option that is best for parents who don’t work or those who are willing to use “pod education” styles.

Why homeschooling? The main reason parents school this option is because it helps them to completely personalize their lesson plans for the strengths and weaknesses of their child. Parents spend a lot of time with their children, getting to know how they think and bonding with them. Homeschooling allows parents to speed up or slow down lessons to better fit the needs of their children.

The problem? One of the biggest issues with homeschooling is that children don’t get as much social interaction as they would in public school. Yes, they can be in a pod, but most of those children are all from the same or similar backgrounds. 

Public Schooling: Is It Best?

For the most part, public schooling is the default for most parents. This is a free resource that guarantees your child an appropriate education. There are public schools located all over the country with transportation to get there,  making it easy for working parents to ensure their children get what they need.

Why public school? There is something to be said about sending your child to public schools so that they get the socialization they need to thrive. They are exposed to many different types of people, including those who they wouldn’t meet in their daily lives.

The problem? Most public schools teach to the lowest common denominator, not really helping children to succeed or thrive. Those children who are naturally gifted tend to get pushed off to the side with a book or given extra worksheets. Class sizes continue to grow, pushing those children who struggle into “low level” tracks from an early age.

What About Private Schools?

For many people, private schools are completely out of the budget unless they can get scholarships. Private schools have many of the same problems that public schools do, but they just put it in shinier packages. 

One thing to consider is that private schools tend to have smaller class sizes than public schools, but they don’t have “tracks” that most public schools do. Everyone gets to be together in one classroom. Private schools can also be a bit “cliquey” which can be a problem for children who don’t fit into those molds.

Even so, private schools have programs that can be extremely beneficial for students as they age. They also have alumni networks that can help them with college admissions and jobs into the future.

MindFinity Helps Supplement All Of These Schooling Types

As you can see, there are pros and cons to every type of schooling. MindFinity has been developed to help kids from all different educational backgrounds. Ultimately, it will depend on parents to ensure that their children are thriving in whatever school system they are in – plenty of successful people come from all of these backgrounds.

For homeschoolers, it helps to break up the day and presents information in a way that no other program does. Even better, it can help parents get ideas for how to present new and interesting topics.

For public schools, it helps your child learn how to think and learn instead of just dumping information onto them. 

For private school kids, it helps to encourage polymath thinking and can help to fill in some of the gaps that private schools may have. 

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At the end of the day, if you are weighing homeschooling vs public schooling vs private school, the decision will have to come down to what works best for you, for your family, and for your children. Sometimes, it is a combination of all three, and other times one track will work. Some students start as homeschooled and then go into public or private schools as they get older. The best thing you can do is pay attention to your child and try to meet his or her needs where they are – and don’t be afraid to try something new if what you were doing isn’t working anymore.

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