Learning Activities For Preschoolers To Get Them Ready For School

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Sending your child to preschool can be a harrowing experience for many parents. It is a “letting go” of sorts that most people haven’t experienced before, which is why some parents try to delay it. If you put in some groundwork and prepare your child for preschool, not only are they going to feel better going to school, but you will feel better about letting them go. It will never be easy, but you can make it easier.

No matter how close preschool is, here are some ways to get them ready for school with learning activities:

Read Books About School

Read as much as possible to your children. As preschool looms closer, start reading books about school itself so that they start to understand what to expect. It doesn’t necessarily have to be about preschool, but that is a good idea too.

A word to the wise: be careful about reading books that paint school as a scary place. Try to avoid books that have mean kids, bullying, or haunted schools. They can scare you and your child!

Create Games Around Personal Care

Preschool teachers are outnumbered and cannot always help every child right away. Create little games around things that your child will need to do to feel comfortable, like tying their shoes, zipping their coats, sitting properly, washing their hands, and writing their name. These small tasks will help them to get the most out of school.

Go To The Preschool

If possible, take your child to his or her preschool and have them “learn” the building from the outside. Walk around the parking lot, playground, and grounds. If it is a church or another type of building that is open, ask if you can go inside and walk around. 

Play Tag, Hopscotch, & Other Common Games

If you want to get your child ready for school, another learning activity is simply to teach them the basic games you play as a kid. Knowing the basics of tag, hopscotch, backyard cleanup, kickball, and musical chairs will help them to learn when they are in school. Why? Most preschools use these games as the backbones of their teaching exercises. When they learn these games before school starts, they will learn the material better and feel more confident when participating. 

Encourage Play

The best thing you can do is encourage your child to play at all times. Playing increases their imaginative capabilities, which pushes them to create connections and build up their social-emotional skills. 

If you want to encourage play that teaches them, a great way to do that is through MindFinity, which only requires a few minutes a day of different types of play. For more information on MindFinity, please click here.

Teach Schedules

One great activity that will help your child immensely is to have them build a schedule. Encourage them to think about all of the things they want to do in a day and then put them in order so they can all get done. At first, your child will make the mistake of trying to do “too much” without breaks like nap time or snacks. Over time, they will start to make the same schedule every day.

You aren’t only preparing your child to follow a schedule, but you are starting to teach them time management, how to tell time, and regulating their body so that school isn’t such a shock.

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