Super Smart Kids: How To Encourage Learning In Your Child

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If you want to raise super smart kids, how can you encourage learning without causing gifted kid burnout or other related problems? It is something that we think about all the time because there is a need to just let kids be kids. However, setting them up now for a successful future is also important to many parents.

It’s such a fine line to walk and parents are often afraid to make mistakes. However, the fact that you even care about giving your child this advantage is a sign that you are on the right track. Here are some ways you can encourage learning without pushing your child too hard.

Focus On Additional Learning That Doesn’t Take Hours

Too often, parents who want to push their children in school will sign them up for additional classes, tutoring, or lessons that take at least an hour to complete. Kids have a lot going on in their heads and lives, and sometimes an hour is just too much. Instead, focus on shorter lessons and games that can help your child to learn more throughout the day. 

MindFinity can help to add just a little bit “extra” to their day without overwhelming them. Our games take 5 minutes or less. If your kids want to keep going, which they often do, you can, by learning how to expand the games in dozens of ways. For more information about MindFinity, please click here.

Figure Out What Interests Your Child

Kids who are super smart often have a few areas that they excel in or find more interesting than other areas. Figure out what that is in your child and encourage them to learn as much as they can about it. For example, if your child loves science, encourage reading age-appropriate biographies of famous scientists. But don’t necessarily try to push reading on them. Instead, encourage them to read.

Use Incentives!

Sure, we all want our kids to succeed and push themselves just for the fun of it, but that doesn’t happen. Gifted children are often overlooked when it comes to praise and rewards simply because it is expected of them. Don’t do this! If your child gets a good grade on a project, makes straight A’s, or gets picked to represent the school in a spelling bee, reward them. 

It doesn’t always have to be something physical – you can support your child with praise, time spent together, extra rest, or maybe a little freedom. 

Know That They Will Struggle – And They’ll Need Help

Gifted kids tend to have areas of school where they struggle. Sometimes it is in art or music, sometimes it will be in sports, and other times it could be a specific academic subject. For example, kids who are smart in every academic area may struggle when it comes to long division. Even though they are struggling, teachers will often overlook their need for extra help because they don’t expect it.

Help your child succeed by not only paying attention and assisting when they struggle but teach them to ask for help when they need it. Gifted kids are sometimes afraid to reveal that they don’t understand something, and eventually that will compound and cause issues. 

MindFinity Helps To Encourage Learning In Super Smart Kids

Even if your child is super smart, there is something to be said for allowing them to be a child and not pushing them too far. Even so, you want to nurture their natural curiosity and talent. It’s a very fine line to walk, and we know you may be afraid of gifted child burnout and other horror stories that you’ve heard.

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