Best Educational Apps For Kids

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If you are trying to give your child an edge in school (and in life), you may want to supplement what they learn in school. One of the easiest ways to do that is to download some educational apps and let them play them when they are bored. There are a few different apps out there that you should consider.

But if you are looking for a bit more of an offline approach to learning, you may want to consider MindFinity. For just a few short minutes every day, you and your child will do activities offline to help build their Inventive IQ. To learn more, click here

MindFinity is more impactful than apps because your child isn’t just passively sitting and playing. They are doing activities in the real world, interacting with you and engaging in different types of learning.


Duolingo is a great app to help your child learn a second (or third) language. There are plenty of options for the language that your child learns – from Spanish to languages that very few people speak. They learn in just fifteen minutes a day. The app works on their reading, speaking, and writing skills all at the same time.

YouTube Kids

YouTube Kids has more content than silly songs and people playing video games. It has a ton of educational content as well. You can create playlists for your kids to watch or set them loose knowing that they won’t come across content they shouldn’t. 

Crossword Puzzles

There are plenty of crossword puzzle apps that are geared toward children. These apps have easier clues that kids will be able to do on their own (with maybe a little bit of help from you). They will still need to know how to spell things and how the words fit together.


Science360 is a great app that was developed with the National Science Foundation. It is a great tablet-based app that helps breakdown science topics into easily digestible bits of information for children. All of the content is accurate, high-quality, and updated. Kids will be able to explore the world and see how we all fit together.

Think of this app as a more advanced Magic Schoolbus.


Epic! Is a great app for kids who love to read. It is an app that has over 30,000 children’s books that they can read, listen to, and explore. There are even some activity books hidden in the library, so your kid will feel like they are getting screen time but they aren’t getting too much.

This app is really easy to use and there is always new content.

Stack the States 2

One of the places where the school system fails kids the most is in geography. This is a fun game that teaches your kids to recognize the shape of the states that make up the United States. It also teaches general information about the states. Kids then have to stack the states (like the name suggests) so that they don’t fall over, helping them to learn spatial skills.

Swift Playgrounds

Swift Playgrounds is a great app for kids to learn about coding languages. They can “create” their own playground and learn about coding through puzzles, targeted lessons, and absolutely gorgeous images. 

Use MindFinity To Help Your Child Learn

Interested in supplementing your child’s education? MindFinity works with you and your child to foster a love for learning through play. This proven method builds up polymath thinking skills by playing games that build Inventive IQ. It will help them not only in school, but throughout their lives.

MindFinity is a great tool for younger children and their families to have fun learning together for just a few minutes every day. For more information, reach out to our team today to get started

These are just a few of the activities that you can do with your family to encourage social-emotional learning. Once you start looking for opportunities to help your child grow in this way, you will easily be able to do it without making it feel like work. 

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