Things To Do When Your Kids Are Bored – 7 New Suggestions

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“I’m bored.” It is one of those sentences that parents dread hearing because there is only so much that we can suggest before we toss the phone or tablet in their direction and entertain them that way. By the time our kids are 8 or 9, we’ve gone through all of the “creative” solutions to the boredom. They know our tricks and we have to get smarter.

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If this sounds interesting to you, click here to learn more. Here are some great ideas that you may not have considered:

Have Them Write Their Own Play or Musical

If your child is complaining about being bored, suggest they write their own play or musical. Play them the cast recording of a musical you approve of and use that as their inspiration. They will need to come up with words, movement, and transitions. If they get really into it, they might even make their own scenery and costumes!

Practice A New Sport

Introduce your child to a sport that they may not have heard about before – like curling, rugby or lacrosse – and have them practice it. Don’t have the right gear? Tell them to use their creativity to make their own!

Painting Rocks

All over the country, people are painting “kindness rocks” and hiding them in plain sight for other people to find. Grab some rocks from your yard, wash them off, and have your children paint whatever they want on them. Just make sure to only use paint and not to glue anything on them, just in case they end up staying in nature.

Once they are painted (and sealed!), take a walk and hide them in public areas where others will find them.

Create Stories

Want to get in on the fun? Walk around your house and find some random objects and have your kids work those objects into a story. The more random the objects are, the more creative your children will have to be.

Make Domino Lines

It’s an activity that has been lost to time, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t bring it back. Get some dominoes and see who can make the most intricate maze that they will then push over. This teaches your children about spatial awareness and can cure boredom for hours.

Make A Music Video

Does your child have a favorite song? If so, challenge them to create a music video to that song. They will have to come up with the storyline, get dressed, and shoot the video. You can even have them use video editing software if you have it.

Write A Letter

Is there someone in your child’s life that would love to receive a letter from them? A grandparent? A great aunt? If so, have your child write them even a short letter and create their own stationery for it. They can even design the outside of the letter!

Use MindFinity To Help Them Stay Active & Creative

Kids who are more creative rarely get bored (even though it does happen sometimes!)

MindFinity will have you dancing, drawing, singing, and more with your children all while learning these skills and building Inventive IQ. You can watch them progress systematically, and understand how they work through things that they may not understand to better support them when they have trouble in school.

MindFinity is a great tool for younger children and their families to have fun learning together for just a few minutes every day. For more information, reach out to our team today to get started

If you want your child to have fun in school and take advantage of all the opportunities they are given, MindFinity is a great place to start.

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