How To Help Children Learn Through Games

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How can you help children learn through games? While many educators still believe that the only way to teach children is through rote memorization and strict learning timelines, science has shown that it might not be the only way. There are so many different approaches to learning and teaching children. 

Games help your children to learn things in many different areas – from reading and writing to problem-solving and social skills. Remember that all kids have different types of intelligence and they need to be nurtured differently in some than in others. As a parent, you need to not only push them to be better in the areas where they may lack some intelligence, but you also need to encourage them to be truly great in the areas in which they already excel. 

You don’t have to be afraid of pushing your child too far when you are helping them to learn. Instead, you need to be afraid of not doing enough. When you find websites to help children learn or games to help them learn, you are finding new ways to encourage their natural curiosity.

Remember: intelligent kids are more confident, engaged, and behave better. However, teaching them from books alone, or forcing them into tutoring can stunt their social development and growth. It’s really hard to find a happy medium, but it is possible. We’ve created a solution. In just a few minutes every day, you can help your children to learn how to think in ways which can touch every type of intelligence they have.

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How To Help Your Child Learn Through Games: Identify Intelligence

You know that your child is intelligent, but how does that intelligence come out? There are a few different ways you can see intelligence manifest. Some children have a grasp of language, they are able to read, write, and speak extremely well. Others have a more numerical-based intelligence. They are great at working with numbers, figuring out puzzles, and even managing their time. There is a large subset of children who have stronger emotional intelligence: they can sense what people need, they tend to have a lot of energy, and they can focus. Even more, others are just quick learners and want to learn. These are the kids who absorb information like a sponge: they continually read books, find YouTube videos, and seek out new information. There are multiple models of intelligence.

Determining the type of intelligence that your child has is important, but it isn’t the most important thing. The important thing to do is to determine what your child doesn’t have intelligence in, or what they struggle to learn. Then, you need to supplement where they lack. 

One of the best tools you can use to help your children learn are games. 

Certain games will help them to learn specific skill sets, like multiplication or identifying parts of speech. Those are helpful, but it isn’t likely that your child wants to play games to learn by the time they get to high school. What you need to do is encourage them to develop their own intelligence and then teach them how to think.

The best games to help children learn and think are often more simple than you think. They won’t teach specific subject areas or skills. The sooner you can act on building strengths in these aspects of your child’s intelligence, the better. They will learn how to transform that intelligence into even more.

MindFinity Helps Children Learn Through Games In 3 Ways

If you want to help your child learn through games, MindFinity is a great way to do just that. Our games have been designed to increase his or her IQ naturally, in a way that really does feel like a game and not like extra tutoring. Even better, since the games are all played offline, they will get a much needed break of a few minutes less screen time every day and you will see quite a few benefits, including:

  • Increased confidence in school and out;
  • Boosted academic performance;
  • Developed problem solving skills

Our games are designed to work no matter what type of intelligence your child has – they don’t reinforce a specific subject. Instead, they focus on building a foundation for polymath-thinking. 

Our system works in three steps:

  1. You learn to play simple games offline with your child.
  2. You play for 5 minutes every day (that’s it!).
  3. Your child’s imagination grows more focused as they discover ways to build their own games.

When you help your child learn through gameplay, you aren’t only helping your child with his or her intelligence. You are creating a bond with your child and making memories that will last a lifetime.

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How To Help Children Learn Through Games

When you were a child, what kinds of games did you play? Everything from Pacman to Sorry was based on patterns. Even Scrabble and Monopoly have patterns that you can notice. Now think about the different subjects in school – they are all based on patterns as well. Patterns make up the world we live in, so someone intelligent needs to be able to recognize those patterns and then put them to use.

Through MindFinity’s games, young children are taught to recognize patterns and interpret them. They are able to use numbers, shapes, colors, and pictures to critically think through questions. While they are reinforcing those basic skills, the more important thing is they are learning how to think.

Children learn through games not by the repetition of completing skills. Instead, they learn how to find the right answers for themselves. When they have the building blocks, they are able to pick up new skills faster. While learning addition skills is important, it is even more important for your child to learn how to discover solutions. 

Pattern recognition is a foundation of more advanced learning skills – skills that are not often taught in schools anymore.

How Do Games Benefit Kids?

When kids learn through games, they are getting benefits that they may be missing out on in a traditional classroom setting. These benefits are surprising to many parents, especially those who don’t have the time to look into everything their child learns. Not every game will provide all benefits, but they will provide some combination of these benefits:

Help children learn to read through games. Studies show that kids who read more have better reading skills. Even so, it is hard to get children to put down their games and pick up a book. Kids who struggle with focusing on a book may benefit from the conversation prompts parents use within MindFinity’s games. They will be able to expand their vocabulary naturally and use words in real-life situations. 

Even better, the repetition of the game helps children learn how to take tests, answer questions, and come up with answers. Often, this is a more important skill than what is actually being tested.

Games help children learn how to solve problems. One of the biggest problems with kids today is that they don’t know how to solve their own problems. When there is an issue, they immediately call for help or turn to the internet. However, they cannot do this forever. There are some problems that an internet search cannot solve. When playing games, children will learn how to think about issues and then solve them. Children learn planning, pattern recognition, flexible thinking, and problem-solving through gameplay, and, when the games are designed well, they teach them how to do it outside of the game as well.

Help children learn social intelligence through games. If your child cannot communicate with other people and learn how to handle mistakes, they are not going to be able to learn when things get really hard. Games can help children learn social skills. Whether they are playing with friends or learning one-on-one with a tutor, social intelligence is necessary.

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How Mindfinity’s Games Help Children Learn

Encouraging your child to learn is hard, we get it. They may imagine sitting in a library all day, every day. It doesn’t have to mean that! Instead, it can be as fun as playing a game. Of course, not all games are going to encourage a kid’s natural intelligence and help to raise their IQs. 

At MindFinity, we have games that have been designed to encourage learning, foster growth, and build independent thinking. Our games are never boring or repetitive. We think these 5-minutes will be your favorite time of the day. 
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