How To Increase The Potential In Your Kid

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How To Increase The Potential In Your Kid

How can you increase the potential of your kid? Is it something that is even possible? Raising smart, well-adapted, and precocious kids isn’t as easy as it once seemed, especially in a world that is changing and sometimes even seems like it teaches children how to be lazy or lackadaisical. However, you can feel relief in knowing that there are easy ways to increase your child’s potential without forcing them to do too much extra work or putting even more pressure on yourself. Instead, you can invest in something to help your children learn and grow today: MindFinity. 

What is MindFinity? It is an offline gaming resource that builds upon a child’s natural inclination to learn through imitation as a means of cultivating polymath thinking by teaching them games like translating a note sequence into a martial arts routine. In doing this children are able to see connections across the two skill sets and discover how things they’ve already learned can help them quickly acquire talent in a new domain.  

When your child learns with MindFinity, they are able to increase their potential naturally and keep growing for much longer than they normally would. This persists into adulthood when they need to find and keep jobs. Most of us can agree that jobs aren’t going to be the same as they are now. The jobs that traditional schooling prepares children for just aren’t going to be available anymore: they will be taken over by AI and robots. The sooner your child is able to think in patterns and outside of those patterns as well, the better off they will be when they apply for jobs. 

The good news is that you can do this in just a few short minutes every day. It is such a short time that it won’t feel like extra work, which could potentially lead to burnout in even the smartest kids. Instead, it will stoke a love of learning and your child’s natural abilities. You’ll be surprised what they will do!

Is It Possible To Increase The Potential In Your Child?

In the past, parents have been afraid of pushing their children too far because they’ve seen how those children break and underperform later in life. In order to increase the potential in your child not only for this year, but into the future, you need to take small steps that will increase your child’s capacity and ability. This doesn’t mean signing them up for extra classes or forcing them to read poetry. Instead, it could be as simple as teaching them how to think and how to learn. Over time, children will start to better understand how the world works. 

MindFinity increases potential in children by fostering innovative minds through offline games that encourage polymath thinking and a love of learning. Instead of reinforcing rote memorization skills, our games teach children the principles of pattern recognition and design as tools that can be applied in any field.  Once the children understand this, they are able to quickly learn new subjects and develop new talents. 

As your child starts to see more potential in themselves, they will start doing more work naturally. They will seek out more information, leadership opportunities, and generally perform better. They will be kinder, gentler human beings who are socially aware. These are the skills they need to be competitive moving forward in the world. Everything else, they can find on the internet.

Worried That Your Child Is Underperforming?

Don’t underestimate the potential of your child just because he or she isn’t picking up certain things. We all grow and bloom at different times. Sometimes, a child just isn’t ready to learn something. Instead of trying to force that thing down his or her throat, you should simply help them better understand how to learn and how to think. This will give them something that they can use throughout their lives when they face problems.

When you teach your child this, you not only increase his or her potential in school. You increase his or her potential in life as they move forward into jobs, leadership roles, and even in building their own businesses. You will increase their employability, which is something that even colleges aren’t producing anymore.

Increasing The Potential In Your Child Naturally

Many children are naturally drawn to learning when they are younger and then they start to lose it as the work becomes harder or more stressful. You don’t want to add to that. Instead, you need to find ways to naturally increase the potential of your child. You can do this in a number of ways, but most are organic and include just talking to your child and encouraging them to do and be their best.

Of course, you can also use MindFinity for just a few minutes every day to encourage potential. The trick is that we don’t “increase” potential, per say, we just unlock what is already there and neglected by most modern school systems (even the private ones).

At MindFinity, we’ve discovered that children love learning when they are challenged and able to focus on something for a short period of time. The impact this has is just as great as studying for hours or taking extra classes. Games have always been amazing tools for parents, whether they were used to teach something or just to distract the kids. We don’t do that – we take just a few minutes per day to encourage brain growth.

Our system builds on a child’s natural inclination towards curiosity and incorporates gameplay into it. Families who play MindFinity’s games can start to think in new, exciting ways on a deeper and bigger scale than ever before. You will start to see your child not only act smarter and perform better in school, but they will start to question and think about things on their own. From this, they will unlock their own potentials and continue to push themselves.

It may sound too good to be true, but it isn’t. Children will steadily meet the benchmarks that other people have set for them, but when they have higher benchmarks for themselves, they will continue to shine and grow. It isn’t the type of thing that they will grow out of as the world changes or pushes them around. 

MindFinity prepares its members to raise the next generation of innovators and R&D thinkers. Gaming for just 5 minutes a day can show kids how to apply knowledge from one field to another and consequently increase their potential in any new field they learn about.  Opher Brayer’s multidisciplinary-talent acquisition methodology gets you and your children drawing, playing music, doing karate, and more. 

Increase The Potential In Your Kids In Just A Few Minutes Every Day

As the world changes and job opportunities start to change from the world that we’ve known, we need to start thinking about what we are teaching our children and in what ways we increase their potential. It simply isn’t enough to ensure that they know how to get good grades and pass classes. Rather, they need to know how to be good employees that offer real value to their workplaces. If not, they will fall behind. The job market only becomes more competitive and requires more skills as they start to leave school and build careers. Schools, even colleges and universities, aren’t preparing our children for this. They are preparing people who can do the work that is quickly being replaced and automated by robots and AI. Even if they do get jobs in this kind of work, there is no telling how long they will have them.

As more and more of our workforce is replaced by AI and computers, the ability to be teachable is a skill that will become necessary. By teaching your children how to acquire this skill now, instead of trying to reprogram their brains when they are older, you are saving them quite a bit of strife.

One of our basic lessons asks students to think of all the pattern combinations of a circle, square and triangle. We then take all 6 patterns and change them to musical notes, replacing each shape with a note (square is A, the circle is B, the triangle is C). After learning the first step, most children are able to quickly apply their knowledge from one field to another and recreate all the combinations of 3 notes. Not only that, but they’ll typically be able to precisely perform all six melody lines. Performing these sorts of pattern recognition and design games allow children to use mathematical principles without needing the language to describe what they are doing. Consequently, when they are introduced to mathematical concepts later in life they will seem familiar and routine. MindFinity asks students to look for solutions and apply knowledge from one field to another whenever they can, and all in just 5 minutes a day. 

MindFinity Helps To Increase The Potential In Your Child

If you want to increase the potential in your child, you don’t have to take a lot of time, money, or effort. Instead, you can have them play offline games for just five minutes every day and they will start to grow and prosper. 

When you sign up for MindFinity, you and your child will be playing games that have been specifically designed to teach pattern recognition and design. 

Our system works in three steps:

  1. You learn to play simple games offline with your child.
  2. You play together for 5 minutes every day (that’s it!).
  3. Your child’s imagination grows as they discover ways to create their own games.

At the same time, playing MindFinity will help you to bond with your child. For those 5 minutes every day, you can sit with them and find out how their minds work, how they reason, and what goes on when they make decisions. It will give you the chance to focus on your own abstract and logical thinking. You will be amazed at how what they learn in 5-minutes can influence the rest of their day.

Interested in learning more about how MindFinity can help your child? Click below to watch our video!

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