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As the weather starts to turn colder and kids need to stay inside more, it is time for parents to come up with indoor activities for kids that keep them occupied for more than just a few seconds. It can be difficult to be creative enough to continually come up with new ideas for projects, games, and tasks. 

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Here are some more great ideas for indoor activities for kids of all ages that will help them expand their brains, raise their Inventive IQs, and learn polymath thinking:

Marshmallow Buildings Teach Patterns & Shapes

This classic activity requires two supplies: toothpicks and marshmallows of various sizes. Have your children build bridges, skyscrapers, houses, churches, castles, or whatever else they can imagine using different shapes and reinforcements. See who can get their building taller or sturdier.

As they build, children will start to see what shapes make the building sturdier and figure out patterns that prevent the building from twisting and breaking down.

Potato Stamping For An Artistic Outlet

Have a kid that loves to do art projects? Potato stamps are an easy way to fill up some time. Your child will learn about relief prints and how the cuts they make won’t show up on the print, but they also can’t undo the cuts, so they will need to plan each cut before they make it.

To mix things up, provide different color paints, different cutting tools, and even different surfaces to stamp on – newspaper, fabric, construction paper, and even textured surfaces will result in different appearances.

Dance Parties Reign Supreme

We are always a proponent of dance parties because they help get energy out in a short amount of time and in a controlled way. Create a playlist of different types of music – don’t just pick Top 40 pop songs. Look to different genres, eras, cultures, and styles to introduce your kids to something they may never find on their own.

Paper Snowflakes

This one is a little messy, but it is a lot of fun for kids, and probably something you remember doing as a child as well. Get some printer papers (or construction paper) and safety scissors, and have your kids make a bunch of snowflakes. You may have to show them how to fold and cut the snowflakes, and some of the results may not be the best, but they will start to understand the pattern and get some great results.

When they are done, they can decorate them further with markers, crayons, or glitter and hang them around the house.

With all of these activities, there are steps you can take to supplement the work. Have your children read books about a musician, watch a YouTube video about printmaking, and catch some of their own snowflakes on black construction paper, if possible.

While these activities may seem simple, they are fun and can span over a few different age groups. You may even find yourself making a few paper snowflakes along the way.

MindFinity Helps Kids Learn Through Games & Projects

Our award-winning program helps your children expand their brains and learn polymath thinking skills while dancing, singing, doing martial arts, and moving around! You get a new game for each day of the week, which takes a few minutes a day. And you can expand on the games and have your child put their imagination to use and expand on projects that they are already doing. You’ll get some fun ideas as well!

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