How To Treat Screen Addiction In Kids

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Are your kids spending too much time on their screens? Do they spend hours staring at TikTok or watching YouTube videos? It happens to the best of us: we need to get something done on our own and we end up allowing our kids to spend just a little too much time on their screens. 

Getting too much screen time can cause kids to become too sedentary, hurt their sleep at night, and just not allow them to be creative. There are many great reasons why kids should spend some time on screens, but there is just as much reason to keep them on a pretty strict time limit.

Combine Screentime With Offscreen Time

One of the reasons we like MindFinity so much is because it combines online learning with offscreen action. Our lessons require that parents spend a few short minutes learning to play the offline games every day, and then you and your child will be off and doing different activities that build inventive IQ. 

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You should try to do this with all activities for your child. If they want to watch a YouTube video, make it an educational video that you can follow up with an activity where they can use what they just learned. If they are playing a game like Among Us, combine it with an activity like creating their own spacesuit or building their own coding set.

Set Timers & Limits

Most devices will allow you to set a time limit that will cause the Wi-Fi to turn off if your child spends too much time on their screens. You can set overall limits for the device or time limits on certain apps so that they don’t spend too much time on TikTok, but could instead spend time playing games that encourage learning.

Offer Choices When Applicable

You might have meant well buying your child an e-reader, but you could just be encouraging them to stay on their screens. If your child loves to read, consider getting them some physical books as well as an e-reader. They will be able to choose how they want to read, and sometimes they will choose physical books.

Encourage Your Child To Earn Screentime

Another great option is to have your child “earn” screentime. You can set the terms yourself, but offer a certain amount of time for getting their homework done, playing outside, cleaning their rooms, helping out around the house, and more. Give them some educational time on their screens that is free, but make them earn the time playing games or scrolling through their social media feeds.

Be The Example

Kids mimic the actions that they see, and that includes spending time on screens. Don’t sit on your phone all through dinner if you wouldn’t let your kids do the same. If you ask your kid to get off their phone, don’t sit and scroll Facebook. 

We all have screen addiction problems too, and should probably start finding new activities that we can all do as families.

Know That Some Screentime is Okay

You can’t completely pull the screens from your child. Not only will that cause more problems, but it can also be hard on you as well. Sometimes, it is easier to hand your child the phone and get your own work done, and that isn’t going to hurt them.

MindFinity Helps Kids Learn Through Games & Projects

Our award-winning program helps your children expand their brains and learn polymath thinking skills while dancing, singing, doing martial arts, and moving around! You get a new game for each day of the week, which takes a few minutes a day. And you can expand on the games and have your child put their imagination to use and expand on projects that they are already doing. You’ll get some fun ideas as well!

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