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What is the best kindergarten learning website to give your kids an edge? Something has happened in schools that may look like it was a good idea from the outside in, but it actually wasn’t: they took imagination and play out of it. Nowadays, kindergarteners are learning more about the rudimentary elements of reading, writing, and math and they aren’t learning about how to think or be creative. We are trying to force-feed them so much information that we are actually doing damage to them.

Children need to learn how to think before they can take in information. If you want to give your child a competitive advantage, you need to do more than find some free online educational games for kindergarten. Instead, you need to teach them how to think.

MindFinity is the first online educational program from world-renowned talent development expert Opher Brayer. This program assists kindergarteners learning habits that lead to innovative polymath thinking just by playing brief games every day. With Mindfinity, you’ll receive a new game every day that will rewire your child’s brain. 

Website For Kindergarteners To Learn How To Think

When your children are still young, their brains are like sponges. They are willing to learn and accept anything you give to them, so why not make it beneficial? By introducing them to websites for kindergarten learning, learning games, and educational content, you are helping them to be better learners and thinkers. This will help them long into the future by gearing them toward innovative thinking. 

But you have to be careful – kids are able to detect when they are given extra work, and this can often feel like a chore or a punishment. You need to keep the learning sessions short and concise. That is why Mindfinity breaks down lessons into daily 5-minute sessions that are fun and easy. You will be able to sit with your child and get the same information that can help you to encourage them in regular life. As they play these games they will feel encouraged to think and trust their imagination. Having a good imagination is a critical skill in so many of today’s jobs and it will only continue to be important as computers and automation take over. Computers cannot have imaginations (at least not yet), which is where our strength will be – so we must encourage our children to strengthen their imaginations.

Good Website For Kindergarteners To Teach Routine

One of the best things that Mindfinity can do for kindergarteners is to help them establish a routine. This will take some of your help as well. Our content is updated regularly (every 10 days) and you will never run out of games to play. Your child will know that for 5 minutes, they need to sit and focus on the task at hand. You can build this into your routine whenever you want – whether it is something you do before school in the morning or use it as a way to wind down before bed.

However you work it into your routine, it will benefit your child. 

Kids Learning Website To Boost Intelligence

Whether it is a social media page, YouTube, or games, there are just certain things that can hold a child’s attention better than something else. The trouble is finding things that hold their attention. That’s where games come into the equation – children love games. They love anything that is going to challenge them. There is a certain thrill in getting to solve the problem, figure out the solution, and see progress for them. 

The difference is that when they play Mindfinity games, they are going to start thinking in new ways. These games are designed to train their imaginations to see limitless possibilities.

How MindFinity Helps Kindergarteners Learn

Before looking for free websites for kindergarteners to learn, you need to think about how much time you really have. Your children grow quickly and the world moves in tandem with them. When you sign your child up for MindFinity, they will be learning from the first day. With just 5 minutes of gameplay, they will start building the blocks to a lifetime of innovative thinking. You will start to see results at home, in school, and in their social lives. 

Our system works in three steps:

  1. You learn to play simple games offline with your child.
  2. He or she plays for 5 minutes every day (that’s it!).
  3. Your child’s imagination grows as they discover ways to build their own games.

At the same time, playing MindFinity is fun for kids. They are going to form a lifelong bond with learning that is really difficult for kids to develop in today’s school system. For just 5 minutes, they will sit with you and learn, which forms the basis of a good relationship with you as well. 

Interested in learning more about how Mindfinity can help your child? Click here to watch our video!

Why MindFinity?

With so many options for kindergarten learning websites out there, why should you consider MindFinity? Consider:

  • You won’t have to spend thousands of dollars on private enrichment programs that don’t lead to success in today’s world.
  • You get to build a routine at an early age for your child.
  • Your child will build the skills that foster an innovative mind.
  • You will get to spend more time with your child.
  • The increase in your child’s ability to imagine different patterns and possibilities. 
  • Building a better relationship between your child and learning. 
  • Your child will develop the “natural” mathematical brain.
  • Being able to spot trends, make sense of them, and avoid surprises.
  • Your child will get a better education than traditional schooling offers.
  • Providing more valuable skills for your child.
  • Strengthening your child’s talents without being an expert in everything.

Schools today have been created to produce obedient workers who can do simple tasks over and over again. The only problem is that those jobs aren’t going to be available in the near future. Robots are cheaper and don’t need to take vacations. These jobs are vanishing and the school system hasn’t done a good job of keeping up. When you teach your child how to think, they will immediately have an advantage over their competition. 

Join Mindfinity and see how playing daily games will transform your child’s mind into that a multi-talented polymath thinker. Your membership includes: unlimited access to the videos from Opher’s Toronto Parent Workshop (a five-day workshop in which Opher teaches the methodology), new games to play with your child released over time in the Accelerated Daily Games (Beta) Program, live online events each month with Opher, (membership to the private Games of Genius member community on Facebook where you can share ideas, get help from our certified trainers, and get inspiration from other super parents like you, discounts to upcoming live MindFinity events, and the next levels of the MindFinity program as they come out (one new level can be expected annually).

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