Schools Are Leaving Our Grandchildren Behind… And Limiting Their Future Potential

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When you were a child, could you imagine the world we have now? 

Technology is transforming every major industry at a rapid pace. Jobs once held by well-educated workers are facing mass elimination as quick advancements in automation, artificial intelligence, and robotics offer businesses a more cost-effective solution. Looking ahead at the job market of 2035 and beyond, we can be certain that these industries will continue to evolve and change the way we work. 

So where does that leave our grandchildren, who are still receiving instruction from outdated textbooks and curriculums? What chance do they have for fulfilling careers that pay well and offer security in the future job market?

“The American educational system is based upon old models, which are failing to teach kids to be innovative,” says Brayer, winner of the 2018 Tribeca Disruptive Innovation Award in Education. “Unfortunately, it can take many years for school systems to change. This is why we are now offering Games of Genius in the USA.” is designed for families with children ages 4 and up. It’s all based on simple activities you can play with children in five minutes per day. 

For grandparents, this offers a unique opportunity to connect with their grandchildren and enjoy some quality time together. And one membership covers your entire family, which is ideal for families with grandchildren across more than one household. 

These games are designed to develop a child’s cognitive abilities in four areas: 

  • Pattern recognition: Recognizing emotional, intellectual, or physical patterns and how they are built and connected.
  • Pattern design: Detecting different pattern elements and redesign them in a systematic order to generate a product, service, or behavior.
  • Analogy: Techniques that help people make the connection between the experiences in their lives and another.
  • Real time composition: The ability to fuse recognized and designed patterns and find the common denominator.

About Opher Brayer: 

Since 1984, Opher has been developing unique methodologies, which have demonstrated thatpeople can develop multi-disciplinary talent, dispelling the popularly held notion that talent is inborn. 

His supplemental primary education programs are at work within school systems in Europe, Asia and the Middle East, and are now available for your family. As your guest and guide, Opher will share key lessons, explain the looming challenge facing our children, teach you how to play mind-bending games, and provide access to a free trial of his online program.

 Harland Kilstein PhD

“After a career of 40 years in education including a doctorate, I found Opher’s work revolutionary. Looking into the future, either students will use the techniques Opher teaches or be left behind.”

Tony Robbins

”Opher Brayer is the real deal. He can teach you how to unlock the genius in your child.”

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