Why Letter Awareness Games Do Not Work For All Kids

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Is your child have trouble with letter awareness games? They aren’t alone – more and more parents have been finding that their children aren’t learning letter sounds as well as they should. This is just one of the ways in which public school can often fail children – there are some cases where students don’t properly learn letter awareness well into high school.

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Remote Learning and Large Class Sizes Prevent Teachers from Noticing When Someone Doesn’t Get It

In public schools, class size continues to increase and teachers are swamped. Worse yet is remote learning, where the students are just small windows on the screen. It is nearly impossible for most teachers to check in with every single student to see if they completely understand a subject before they move onto the next one. This allows some students to fall through the cracks, especially those who are afraid of speaking up or drawing attention to themselves.

It Is Easy To Fake Understanding

Even for those teachers who can check in with every student, kids are smarter than you think. They’ve developed ways to blend into the crowd and not draw attention to the fact that they don’t understand something. The worst part? The more they do this, the further behind they get, and the better they get at hiding their confusion.

In Group Settings, Kids Can’t Be Corrected

Sometimes, kids won’t even know that they are wrong. They will play the game with the rest of their classmates and say the wrong sounds for the wrong letters. With such a cacophony of voices, it goes unnoticed. Over time, it becomes hardwired in their brands that an “A” sounds like something completely wrong.

Dyslexia Goes Largely Unnoticed

Of all the different learning problems that kids face, dyslexia is one of the hardest to identify. There are some pretty early warning signs, but they can be written off as any number of problems. If you suspect that your child has dyslexia or another sort of learning disorder, it is best to reach out to a professional for help.

What Can You Do?

If you think that your child isn’t learning letter awareness, you may want to step in yourself and focus on one-on-one learning and help your child. Teach them the different sounds, play games one-on-one and generally just support them. Start by using letters individually and in words with only two or three letters. Gradually move onto the more complicated ones.

Your child will eventually start picking up on letter awareness, it is just a very hard topic for some kids. Keep the faith, work hard, and they will get there.

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